Hello and welcome. My name is Alison, and I currently work as a school librarian in a small independent school in the New York City area. My journey to the field of librarianship was somewhat unconventional, but filled with interesting experiences and adventures.

I’ve always loved learning, and in my quest for information, would (and still will) read anything from the back of a cereal box to someone else’s newspaper on the subway. I studied Russian language and international peace studies in college, not knowing what I would do with them, but knowing that they were interesting subjects to learn about.

My study of Russian is what led me to education. I never planned to be an educator, but my time teaching English at a Russian university sparked an interest in education that had previously been dormant. I returned home, still planning to do something in the area of Russian language, but pursued education as a hobby.

Eventually I realized that I wanted to pursue education as a career, and spent several years in the classroom as a 4th grade teacher. While doing that, I realized that my favorite parts of teaching (matching kids with books they loved and incorporating technology into my instruction) were things that a librarian gets to do all the time, so I decided to return to school one more time to get an MSLIS.

I recently completed my fifth year as a full time librarian, and am truly glad to have the opportunity to teach students information literacy skills, collaborate with other educators, develop a library collection that meets the academic and personal interests of my students, and share my love of learning and reading with my students.

As a school librarian who works with students ages 3-18, I work each day to help students learn to access and locate credible sources of information, use that information ethically and responsibly, and share what they have learned through a variety of authentic avenues of communication.  It is also my goal to help to cultivate a lifelong love of reading in my students by developing an inclusive and diverse library collection, which allows all students to both see themselves and experience new perspectives.

If you would like to know more about myself, my work in school libraries, or my personal reading life, please feel free to browse the other pages on this site, or reach out to me via email or social media. Thanks for stopping by.

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