So You Want to Be a Librarian…

I know you’re all SUPER excited to get to read TWO posts in one day.  I live to serve, devoted readers.

Anyway, our latest assignment in IST511 was to create a video loosely based on the topic “You Need a Graduate Degree for THAT?!?” (Which is, for those of you who are NOT library students, something we get asked (and frustrated by) on a regular basis.)

Because I love you so much (and because it’s not my voice on the recording), I am going to share our amazing creation with you.  But first, a little background info. When Stephanie, Jen, Jenn, and I decided to band together to work on this project, our original idea (brainchild of the brilliant Stephanie) was to do a video version of the meme that was really popular last year, featuring stereotypes of what other people think certain professions do:

We wanted to include some humorous stereotypes, but we also wanted to emphasize the fact that these stereotypes are often wrong, that librarians and libraries are evolving, and that the profession is both valuable and integral to our constantly changing, increasingly digital society.

Librarians don’t just sit around reading books all day and giving loud people dirty looks; they facilitate knowledge creation in their communities.  And so, without further ado, here is our take on what librarians really do:

What do you think?  Let us know!

P.S.-Our class is full of brilliant people.  Check out some other amazing videos made by a few of my classmates.