Challenging Myself in 2016

Although I don’t really blog regularly, I’ve long been a follower of many bookish blogs, and have seen the variety of reading challenges that take place each year.  I’ve never really been tempted to jump in; the only challenge I’ve participated in is the one I set for number of books on Goodreads.

This year, I finally met my Goodreads challenge goal of 200 books after trying and failing for several years.  Looking back on the books I read (end of year survey soon to come), I definitely noticed some trends.  Although I would say this was probably my most diverse reading year, I still read mostly contemporary realistic fiction, and mostly white women.  I want to continue to branch out in my reading in regard to genres, authors, and representation in the books I read, so I am finally jumping into a few different reading challenges this year.  (As a side benefit, hopefully staying on top of these challenges will actually make me write more regularly.  But I make no promises.)

So here are the challenges I’m planning to participate in this year:

That Artsy Reader Girl
I love learning about new authors, and one of the things I look forward to each month is Kelly’s list of debut titles over at Stacked.  Although I didn’t participate in a challenge last year, I did read 25 books by debut authors in 2015; I’d love to keep better track of them, and spread the word about amazing new authors, so participating in Jana’s challenge seems like a great way to do that.  I set a goal of reading 24 debuts, but honestly, with all the great ones coming out this year, I’m hoping to exceed that number.

After contemporary, fantasy is probably the genre I read most frequently, but there is still so much more within the genre to explore, and 2016 especially looks like it will be an excellent year for YA fantasy.  I read 29 fantasy books in 2015, so I’m going to set a goal of 35 books for the Flights of Fantasy challenge.

diverse challenge1
Finally, the last official challenge I’m planning to take part in is Mishma and Shelly’s challenge to read more diverse books.  I read 35 books by and/or about people of color and/or the LGBTQIA+ community, but as a percentage of the 200+ books I read, it’s…something I could improve upon.  I would like to read at least 50 books that can be considered diverse in 2016.

While these three are the only official challenges I’m planning to participate in, I’m also hoping to read more adult fiction and nonfiction (YA or adult) this year.  I don’t tend to read much of either, so I would like to read at least one adult book and one nonfiction book each month, for a total of 24 books.

And, of course, I’ll be trying to reach my Goodreads challenge goal of 200 books again this year.

What challenges are you participating in this year?  Do you set a yearly reading goal?  Do you plan out the books you’ll read each month, or are you a mood reader?  Let me know!