YA love

So, based on my TBR Thursday posts (which I promise to bring back in the near future), you may have noticed that I read a lot of YA literature.  Even though I’m technically a grown-up, I love the emotions, the humor, and the drama that accompany books about teenagers.  Here are some reasons I love YA (and you should, too):

1. There are happy endings.  Sometimes, it’s nice to know that even though problems occur, things work themselves out in the end.  Books like Just Listen, Perfect Chemistry, or Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares make me happy because the characters end up happy.

2. There are not so happy endings.  Unfortunately, life isn’t always perfect.  We don’t always get the happy endings we want, and it’s sometimes nice to read fiction that depicts the imperfect aspects of life.  Books like Stay With Me, How to Say Goodbye in Robot, and The Fault in Our Stars keep it real.

3. You can escape the real world for a bit.  Let’s face it: life sucks sometimes, whether you’re a teen or a grown-up.  So why not spend some time in a completely different world?  You can enter faraway kingdoms in fantasies like The Girl of Fire and Thorns, live on a spaceship in the future in Glow, or experience a dystopian society in Divergent.

4. You can find people or things to relate to.  Maybe you don’t want to escape when life gets hard; maybe you just want to know someone out there has gone through the same things as you.  There are YA books for that.  Second Chance Summer, The Truth About Forever, Keep Holding On, Speak, Split, and many others are great reads that deal with tough topics.

5. In the end, teenagers are still teenagers.  Teens still have the same problems and care about the same things, even if they’re fictional and live in made-up worlds.  They still want to find love, even in a society that tries to decide everything for them (Matched), or to hang out with their friends, even if the future of the wizarding world is on their shoulders (Harry Potter).  I find this refreshing.

There are tons of great books in the world, and not all of them fall into the YA category.  But people who spurn YA simply because the books are about teenagers are missing out on a LOT of wonderful books.  So do me a favor: try a YA book the next time you’re at the library or bookstore.  If you hate it, that’s fine; we all have different tastes.  But you just might discover something amazing.

Note: This post was written as part of a contest sponsored by YA author Beth Revis.  You can enter the contest here.

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